Meet Rosina

I’m a content strategist and editor, with 15+ years of professional experience. I started my career in scholarly book publishing, and moved into content strategy to pursue my love of problem-solving, figuring out puzzles, and ensuring clear communication in any medium.

Some of the tasks that make my nerd heart happy:

  • Sleuthing incomplete or incorrect citations, verifying the accurate information, and updating all citing references accordingly.
  • Finding a pattern that explains several seemingly unconnected issues with one source.
  • Reading an unclear passage, sifting out the core meaning, and rephrasing the text to more readily communicate the key points.

Ladies First closeup with cup

While maintaining order in my work, I love balancing it out with abstract art and multimedia painting. I’ve had paintings displayed in gallery shows and sold pieces to private buyers.

Blithe Spirit backstage

Since moving to Portland in 2007, I’ve participated in improv and community theater. I’ve performed, produced, designed lighting, run tech, stage managed, assistant-directed, and anything else that needed to be done.

My bike, Elena

I enjoy new challenges, so I’m learning to ride a bike. I bought a cruiser and I’m exploring my way through Portland and Vancouver during lunch breaks.

Snuggle dogs

My husband and I share our home with two little rescue dogs, who are adorable and sweet and, at times, deeply frustrating.